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I am a stand for simple, natural foods. No bells or whistles except for the one that your stomach rings when it receives enzymes to help it work on the nutrients that have just dropped down. 


For some years, the saying, “You are what you eat,” was bandied around. It is not heard often these days but the words are still true. Of course, there are some people with long life genes and some with stress-free lives but poor quality nutrition would still have a negative effect on their health. Imagine always running your car on low quality gas and cheap, nasty oil. It is doubtful that you would attain high mileage from your engine. Our bodies are engines too!

There is a growing organic trend and consumers are becoming more aware of what they are buying. That is good, however, almost all products in grocery stores are now processed foods. Those foods may be from GMO, pesticide sprayed, chemicals added — with almost everything having sugar and wheat in the ingredients. 

There are ways to eat clean, natural food. One way, of course, is to cultivate your own garden, if you have one. Alternatively, grow food indoors using the Sprout Haus while saving money and learning a new, fun skill at the same time. Each blog will show a different bean or seed.

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  • Pauline Halstead