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Story of Pauline's Life - Our Founder 

Watching people eating has always incurred a strong feeling of compassion in me, from childhood. I remember watching my Great Uncle Reggie eating one dinner, then another. He was a big person in my life, not just in size, but in personality.  He was a harbourmaster who could not swim. He lived a long life so I presume he floated when he fell in the harbour. It is not easy to describe those feelings when watching someone eat – I can only call it compassion. I still get emotional when I recall helping my mother eat before she died.  

Helping people has always been part of my life from childhood; it has carried through many years. My parents were kind people and it rubbed off on me. I started Sprouting World two years ago to help people with their nutrition without emptying their purses. For almost 20 years I have offered adaptive kayaking and am the executive director of Abilities In Motion (www.abilitesinmotion.ca).

Of course, over the years I have endured many people questioning why I do this, or why do that – these businesses do not make you lots of money so why would you do it? Those questions just make me dig my heels in and strengthen my passions. Being rich is not just possessing money. Shrouds do not have pockets.  My life is very rich. 

If you are reading this, then you are probably one of the fortunate in the world who has ample food.  For you it is a matter of choice of what to eat.  Sprouting World takes a process of obtaining huge nutrition for pennies and brings it to you in the form of the Sprout Haus, showing you how you can easily add nature’s perfect nutrition into your diet. It is another choice in your food diet – the rest is down to you.

- Pauline

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