About Us

One of my fondest childhood memories was venturing into our garden and eating the fresh peas straight from the plants. Ever since, I have longed for that same fresh, crisp taste from something home grown.

I grew up 30 miles South of London, in Kent, England, a county known as the Garden of England. Most people had a vegetable garden and a flower garden. Gardens were not large but every inch was utilized. Exercise was digging the garden, and relaxation was planting and weeding.  I was fascinated watching seeds grow, thrilled to pick and eat the fruit and vegetables, put flowers in a vase and smell their sweet scents. Composting was the norm with fresh compost being reused in the garden, being part of the garden process. Our meals were always organic. 

After I left home, I continued to grow my own fruits and vegetables.  When I moved to an apartment for a short while I started sprouting, testing out different methods.  It was then that I discovered our fast, easy method of sprouting that surpassed all other methods I had used.  With our sprouter sprouts became part of my every day meals and routine. I had finally found that fresh taste again with sprouted mung beans.

I have a lifetime of gardening experience, a degree in Environmental Studies and a profession background as a child educator. This path has fueled me to share what I have learned and my passion for natural, organic homegrown foods.  My formal qualifications enable me to give presentations on why others should also be growing their own food.  I believe it is vital that people begin to eat well for their health, produce their own food for sustainability and to go back to Nature´s roots by enjoying the process of seeing something grow.

Our organic sprouters can make all of this happen for you. We supply sprouters, beans and seeds to set you on your path to healthy eating!

I am here to help you and answer any questions you may have about the health benefits of sprouting or sprouting itself.

Happy Sprouting!