Frequently Asked Questions

When are the sprouts ready to eat?

  • Mung bean sprouts can be eaten when their “tails” are ¼” long.  This is when they taste sweetest. But they can be grown into the well-known bean sprouts 4-5” long. Just keep rinsing and changing the water every 12 hours.

How is the Sprout Haus able to grow mung bean sprouts in 24-36 hours?

  • It is all about the design.  The mung bean sprouts are usually ready to eat in 24 hours but it does depend on the temperature.

I do not have any sunny place to grow the sprouts. Do you need sun? 

  • No, they do not need sun. In fact, they prefer low light and can even grow in the dark.  

I do not have a dark space to put the Sprout Haus. Can I still use the Sprout Haus?

  • Yes, simply cover it with a tea towel.

I do not have any space on my kitchen counter. Do I need a lot of space to use the Sprout Haus? 

  • The Sprout Haus requires only 11” of space. You can put it on top of your refrigerator, on a shelf, in a cupboard, or anywhere you have a bit of space! 

I was so excited to start growing my own food but when I went to rinse the first time, the water was brown. Is that OK?

  • Yes, that is the by-product of germination/sprouting.  The colour becomes less brown after the first rinse and water change.

Why do I need to put the lid on the Sprout Haus?

  • The lid not only helps to prevent bad bacteria from landing on the sprouts but increases the moisture within the sprouter, which makes sprouting faster. Make sure you gently place the lid on. 

When I grew sprouts in the 70’s they would go mouldy. Will they go mouldy in this sprouter?

  • There are several reasons why your sprouts went mouldy.  It could have been that the beans or seeds were not rinsed or drained sufficiently.  The Sprout Haus exceeds other methods in the efficiency of rinsing and draining.

When I have tried to grow sprouts in the past, I have ended up with a mouldy mess.  What makes this sprouter any different?

  • The Sprout Haus was designed to prevent mould.  The sieve allows the water to drain well and the lid prevents bad bacteria from contaminating the beans and seeds.

Can I put the Sprout Haus in the dishwasher?

  • The Sprout Haus must not be put in the dishwasher.  Just wash it with soap and water!

What if I forget to rinse and change the water?

  • If you forget once, it should be ok but be aware that the routine rinsing washes away the by-products of germination and prevents mould. 

How can I remember to rinse my beans every 12 hours?

  • Think of something you use morning and night like brushing your teeth!

How do I get the roots out of the mesh sieve?

  • The roots are easy to remove with a brush, even one from the Dollar Store will easily do the job.