How to eat your sprouts

Sprouts can be enjoyed in so many ways! 


Enjoy a spoonful - the ultimate fast food! 

Mung bean and chickpea sprouts are delicious, crunchy, and fresh. Scoop them up on a spoon and enjoy them as is! 

Add them to your smoothies! 

Mung beans are particularly great in smoothies because they blend in well, don't have an overbearing flavour, and are packed with nutrition! 

Add them to salads and sandwiches!

There are so many recipes on the internet for salads featuring sprouts. You can also just add sprouts to any greens, salads, or sandwiches and enjoy an extra boost in taste and nutrition. Chickpeas can be used to make a yummy hummus! 

Add them to stews, pasta, or any dish you can think of! 

Adding sprouts to your meals adds crunch, colour, and most importantly, health and nutrition! Remember to add them at the last stage or try not to cook them so they keep all their yummy nutrients! You haven't lived until you have tried mung bean sprouts on pizza!

Save them fresh for later! 

Rinse your sprouts one last time, dry them off on a tea towel, and then store in glass container in the fridge. They will last for three to four days! 

Roast them! 

Rinse and dry off your sprouts (as explained above) and then try seasoning them (maple syrup, salt, spices etc.) and then roast them in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Enjoy them as a crunchy snack like nuts or add them to your salads!

Dehydrate them!

Dehydrate the sprouts using a dehydrator or an oven on low heat. When dried, they can be ground into a flour then added to any cooking for extra nutrition. Try using a coffee grinder to crush them up! 

Eat 'em however you like... all that matters is that you do...and then start at new batch!