The Sprout Haus

Our sprouter makes growing your own organic sprouts clean, easy, and fast!

  • Sprouting has been around for centuries and people have used various methods - trays, bags, bowls, jars etc.
  • Whilst some love their own method, others have given up on sprouting with frustration.
  • Sprouting was simply too time consuming or maybe they had a frightening experiences with mould and bad bacteria. 

Our Sprouter remedies these problems!

  • The strong, clear plastic dome creates the perfect hydroponic environment for beans and seeds to sprout.
  • The dome’s design leaves no places where mould can hide.
  • The flat, mesh tray gives the baby sprouts space to grow. No more being cramped up in a jar. This means beans grow much faster!
  • You can use it in any room, light or dark! No sun needed.
  • The tray makes it so easy to rinse beans and seeds – we timed it – 20 seconds a day. Perfect for busy people.
  • The dome sprouter is easy to clean (just don't put it in the dishwasher!). Just wash the sprouter with dish soap. The mesh tray is easily cleaned with a dish brush to remove roots or slight discolouration from minerals.
  • Sprouting opens up a whole world of delectable new tastes, spicing up salads, snacks, soups, etc. without the reliance on dressings – we make it easy for you to enhance your nutrition.
  • Once timid cooks will become sprout alchemists in the kitchen, creating their own recipes while have having fun – and saving money.
  • Why not increase your intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes in an easy, safe, and cost effective way?

Have any questions? Just ask us! 

We also guarantee the use of this sprouter for many years when following the instructions.

Happy sprouting!